Melkior VTEM Survey Supports Greenstone Belt Extension

Timmins, Ontario / TheNewswire / May 23, 2018 – Melkior Resources Inc. (“Melkior”) is pleased to announce receipt of final data for the $275,000 (2,170-line kilometer) VTEM helicopter borne magnetometer and EM survey on the Maseres Project. The VTEM survey data supports the hypothesis that the Urban Barry Greenstone Belt continues south of the Osisko Black Dog Project and traverses Melkior’s Maseres Project. Geotech states that “strong EM conductors are possibly associated with pyrrhotite and/or pyrite in iron formations” (VMS environment). The conductance associated with a 2 km section of bedrock conductors in the northeast corner of the Maseres Project is comparable to that of a power line.

Melkior has encountered some reluctance from the public and the geological community to accept that the Urban-Barry Greenstone Belt extends significantly south of the boundaries presented in published geological maps. In an effort to further the geological understanding of Maseres Township Melkior has decided to make the entire package of VTEM Maps available to the Public. Initially, with this news release, only one map is being made Public. The following link (  ) is to a map of Geotech interpreted EM Anomalies, presented on a dB/dt Calculated Time Constant (TAU) overlay for the entire Maseres Project. TAU depends only on conductance, good conductive targets are amplified and emphasized independent of their depth.

Within seven days additional VTEM maps will be released, and a discussion of relevance initiated. Interested parties are invited to follow the discussion, review the VTEM survey maps and formulate their own opinions. Additional background and regional context on the Maseres Project can be gained through a review of Maseres Project news releases.

Melkior is of the opinion the Maseres Project may be situated in one of the most prospective gold rich, Bousquet Type, VMS environments Canada has ever seen. The scale is highly unique. This robust 12 km conductive trend is linked into a very intriguing 4 km by 6 km concentric magnetic anomaly with an outer robust conductive ring anomaly. A-horizon soil analysis in 2017 over a portion of the EM trend returned up to 121 ppb Au; 59 ppm Ag; 93 ppm Cu; 78 ppm Zn; 30 ppm Pb (NR September 17, 2017). The reader is reminded that the Maseres land package is about 12 km by 20 km of contiguous sole ownership. The anomalous trends are centered within the Maseres Project.

Jim Deluce, CEO of Melkior remarks, “Companies have been searching in Urban Barry for gold rich VMS systems, but have settled for capital intensive structurally hosted gold deposits. Melkior is in the enviable position of potentially having the most prospective land position in the Urban Barry Greenstone Belt, with potential for a series of both structural gold and Bousquet type gold-rich VMS deposits. The land position was acquired for staking costs, no royalties are payable. Melkior is committed to advancing this unique intergenerational opportunity. We are gearing up, boots will be on the ground within two weeks. The scale of the work we have ahead of us is invigorating. To fast track exploration Melkior may consider a friendly partner with deep pockets.”

Wade Kornik, P.Geo., has approved the information contained in this release.  Mr. Kornik is the Exploration Manager of the Company and is Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.



Keith James Deluce, CEO


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