Melkior – Maseres Drilling Has Commenced

January 17, 2019 / TheNewswire / Timmins, Ontario — Melkior Resources Inc. (“Melkior”) is pleased to announce that drilling has commenced on the Maseres Project. The drill contract is for a maximum of 5,000 meters of NQ drilling. Bedrock observations have locally established with reasonable certainty that the bedrock stratigraphy generally strikes parallel to magnetic and electromagnetic trends and dips moderately to the south. Drill holes are currently being drilled parallel to the grid lines and generally perpendicular to lithology.


The first drill hole (MS-19-1) has been collared on Line 22+00N at 0+60E, azimuth 045 at an inclination of -54. The hole is expected to be terminated at about 150m. The IP data indicates that there are three parallel targets within the grid area over a considerable strike length. MS-19-1 targets the most northerly of the IP zones and in addition to evaluating this target will establish the bedrock units north of the package of bedrock that hosts the target horizons.


The second hole (MS-19-2) is currently planned to step back about 145 meters, on the adjacent line to the north, and target the central anomalous IP zone. Depending on the success of the first hole, MS-19-2 maybe continued to evaluate the northern anomalous zone at depth as well.


The third hole (MS-19-3) is currently planned for Line 25+00N and target the southern anomalous zone. Depending on the success of the first hole and second hole, MS-19-3 may be continued to evaluate the central and or northern anomalous IP zones at depth. Taken together these three drill holes should provide a good understanding of the geological setting of the Maseres EM trend and the reason for its response. Future drill hole locations will leverage ongoing results of the completed drill holes and remain somewhat fluid in nature.


TMC Geophysics has provided Melkior with revised pseudo-sections and depth slices for the IP survey data in advance of final report delivery. The Melkior website has been updated and includes all of the updated maps and pseudo-sections:


IP Maps:


IP Sections:


Wade Kornik, P.Geo., has approved the information contained in this release.  Mr. Kornik is the Exploration Manager of the Company and is a Qualified Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.



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