Take part in discovery – exploration for gold and other mineral resources has stirred the senses of humankind for millennia. The Earth holds a hidden wealth that is left to be discovered by people like us who have the experience, expertise and tools to locate, identify and calculate deposits for their mining potential, making the dream of ‘striking it rich’ not that far off. Our approach however, is completely systematic and scientific – designed to develop these properties to the point of standards-compliant resource calculation and the ultimate return on shareholder investment.

Melkior owns and operates various gold and base metal properties in Ontario and Quebec, located in key exploration areas with a proven history of significant and even world class discoveries. The overall metals of interest for our projects include: gold, copper, nickel, platinum, palladium (other PGEs), uranium, and diamonds.

In recent surveys sponsored by the Fraser Institute, the provinces of Quebec and Ontario have consistently been ranked among the best territories in the world to explore and develop mines. This favorable mining environment is mainly based on the provinces mining policies, financial incentives, geology and their mineral potential. The stable mining policies that these governments offer reduces risk for long-term projects. Quebec’s and Ontario’s strengths lie not only in their raw materials, but also in the excellence of their labor pool, training institutions and specialist research centres. Both provinces offer numerous tax incentives and very attractive mining duties regimes for companies that explore or operate on their territories.

Will you take part in discovery?